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Arts & Crafts

Adult Art & Drawing Community Group- Wednesday
Join this group of drawing and painting enthusiasts who meet for a social chat and to share tips every Wednesday morning.

Knitting and Crocheting Groups - Monday & Friday

Enjoy a social session focusing on knitting and crochet and all things yarn.  Here’s a chance to learn this retro craft from the experts and make items for yourself and or  charity organisations.

Patchwork and Craft - Wednesday Morning

Join our crafty group of experienced patch-workers who make a variety of items for themselves and the wider community. 


Adult Social Sewing and Craft Group - Wed Afternoon

This friendly group of crafter's bring along a variety of different types of craft to work on. This may involve knitting, sewing, applique, cross-stitch to name a few. Tea and Coffee available.

Material Bags

We are fortunate that we have some generous sewing ladies who make bags for our charity projects, one being the Frankston Oncology Department. We are also very grateful for the generosity of the Dromana Community House and Sorrento Community House boomerang bag groups who have provided us with a pile of beautiful bags.


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